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archiwum_img2In the era of global digitization each company needs a modern information management application. Digital Archive is a reliable, electronic documents and digital information repository, where you can safely store all the information and catalogue the most important documentation of your business. This is a modern way not only to organize the document images (PDF or TIFF format), but also media files.

How this solution can work for your business? That is simple! Create your Electronic Customer File, Electronic Personal File or Electronic Patient File! Digital Archive is a flexible tool perfectly adjustable to your business area!

Electronic Customer File (ETK) – a virtual file that allows you to collect all the relevant client information. It enables you to organize and quickly find all the agreements, annexes, commercial offers, invoices and acceptance protocols.

Electronic Personal File (ECA) – a modern, digital HR archive, which can include full documentation of your employees, stored in accordance with applicable regulations. It ensures safe and effective management of human resources in your company.

Electronic Patient File (ETP) – a digital archive of your patients’ medical history, allowing quick access to essential medical records.

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